Hi ladies (on both side of the world)

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you and your teams for a wonderful experience in moving our stuff half way round the planet.

Monique-please convey our appreciation to your team that packed up in SA. Not a single (so far anyway) damaged, broken, anything! Sure we have a few dozen boxes still to get to, but I know there won’t be any issues.

It’s like Christmas morning, I had forgotten what we all had.
Leigh-on this side, thanks for all your great service and help. I finally got the car past compliance, WOF, ect yesterday-great to drive a decent car again J. And that crew that unpacked the container at home – fantastic!! Even the MAF lady was no problem.

I know you’re all “just doing your job” – but I also know you don’t get enough appreciation for the fantastic support you provide people going through a tough time.

Thank you all once again. I will for sure recommend both the companies to anyone crazy enough to take decision I did.

Geoff Leigh – 2011

Lyndon, I must express my gratitude to you on your excellent customer service and it is very very much appreciated. I truly will be using you and your company again. If you can forward this email to your boss to show him what an excellent worker you are and how excellent you are with your customers especially me who wants it all done yesterday. Thank you thank you and thank you again.
Speak soon
Lorraine Callaghan – 2011

Hi Lyndon
Just to let you know that my parcels were delivered this morning. I haven’t opened them yet, but they seem very well packaged.
Many thanks for all your help with this and especially for being so kind as to collect the items after work on a cold wet noght – it had been a very sad few weeks after my mum had passed away and I was rather deserate at the time and really don’t know what I would have done about the items if you had not been able to help.
Kind regards
Mrs Irene Reece – 2013

Dear Adrian
Firstly I must congratulate you and your company on the excellent job done on the removal of our effects to New Zealand, everything arrived here in first class order without any damage, in fact even the most fragile of items (a clay baked zulu pot, made to the thickness of a biscuit) was opened intact.
The service of J W Grieve, although good does not reach the same standard as your team. The container ect, arrived as promised but the unloading was slipshot done by what appeared to be two guys picked up from the street and the items just placed where directed. I raised the definition of ‘unpacking’ with John Grieve who stated that was the norm and what was quoted for. Apart from this his service was fine.
All is well this end, the people are very friendly and very helpful but one thing is for sure, this is no South Africa.

Dear Monique
My shipment was delivered to me this morning, after receiving superb prompt service from the Moving Company here in Auckland.
I have not unpacked much yet as my granddaughter arrived on Sunday and I am presently doing baby watching while her parents try to get some much needed sleep! All so exciting.
I am extremely grateful to you and Econo Trans for all the fantastic service, I will be in contact with you in Feb when I am back in Cape Town as I will require  you to collect and store the rest of my stuff till I am ready to ship to Sydney probably in 2013.
Take care and kindest regards
Jeanette – 2011

Dear Pieter
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your company’s efforts and brilliant service. I will be doing the same on this side with The Moving Company. We have had one or two broken glasses thusfar but absolutely NO damage to our things and it is very impressive. We have already recommended Econo Trans to friends. You truly come highly recommended and your price was excellent.
Many thanks again
Mariza Matthysen 2011

I received my cookie jar and it is in perfect shape! It was packed extremely well.
Thank you again for everything
Monica Andryc – 2013

Dear Adrian
I cannot find appropriate words to express our deep and sincere gratitude for your absolute excellent service and support! I think that you went beyond the call of duty, when you helped us with our re-location! I will certainly not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who is in need of a professional service with regard to importing or re-locating. You will always be remembered for your friendliness, professionalism and sound knowledge regarding every aspect of re-location.
On behalf of Iris and myself, a very huge thanks!
God bless!
William & Iris
6 March 2014

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